One-stop Life Planning Information Website provided by Education Bureau

The Education Bureau (EDB) designed a brand-new Life Planning Information Website ( to provide a one-stop platform for students, teachers and parents to gather more comprehensive information on life planning education and career guidance so that schools can better support students in life planning. A spokesman for the EDB said today (November 22) that the website integrated information from the Life Planning Website, Career Information Website and Business-School Partnership Programme Website. Seven thematic corners are featured on the website, namely Careers Information, Studies, E-learning for Students, School Administration, Professional Development for Teachers, Parents and the Business-School Partnership Programme. The thematic corner of Careers Information provides up-to-date information on 240 positions in 21 traditional and emerging industries, which covers career prospects, entry requirements, pertinent training, and career ladders, as well as job-seeking advice including résumé samples, requisite skills in effective communication, proper appearance and attitudes for interviews. The website also provides details of up-to-date information about pursuing further studies in Hong Kong and overseas as well as details of various scholarships, including eligibility criteria and application methods. Learning and teaching resources related to life planning for teachers are provided as well. Moreover, a variety of videos of real stories are provided on the website so that students and parents can have a deeper understanding on life planning. Students, teachers and parents are encouraged to use the website to access up-to-date information on study and employment.